Tuesday, November 18, 2008

vice president cheney indicted

In the waning days of the Bush administration, we've come to not expect a lot of action from the lame ducks. But a Federal grand jury doesn't think we should forget about what's happened over the last eight years.
A grand jury in south Texas indicted Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on separate charges related to alleged prisoner abuse in federal detention centers, Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra told CNN Tuesday.

On the southern tip of Texas, Willacy County is on the United States-Mexico border.

Democratic state Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr. is also charged in the indictment. Michael R. Cowen, an attorney for Lucio, issued a statement calling Guerra a "one man circus."

Cheney is the first vice president to be indicted by a Federal grand jury since Aaron Burr in 1803. We're going to be following this story closely, as the outcome could be very, very interesting. What do you think should happen to the outgoing vice president?

All we can say is, "Wow!"


Anonymous said...

Where did you get Federal Grand Jury??? It was a Willacy County grand jury that followed the lead of a recently defeated DA. A Judge has not signed the indictments but the DA held a press conference to announce them to have his last day in the Sun. The indictments revolve around the treatment of prisoners in a federal facility managed by an outside contractor. I am sure Cheney et al had a daily briefing on what was happening there. The WOW part of your story is how you believe this ....

Bradley said...

Oh, anonymous, you take the fun out of everything!

Bottom line, he was indicted. We reported the story. It's pretty funny, and the fact that the judge belongs in the loony bin only adds to the humor.

We agree that it will probably get overturned!

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