Friday, March 03, 2006

dallas anti-war rally

Please join us on Sunday, March 19, 2006, in downtown Dallas for a rally to Stop the War Now and Bring Our Troops Home.

At 10:45am, people of all faiths are encouraged to attend morning services at St. Paul United Methodist Church at 1816 Routh St., Dallas, TX 75201. Rev. L. Charles Stovall will lead a service centering on the tragic consequences of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Protestors will begin gathering at around 1:30pm at the church. The antiwar rally will begin promptly at 2pm and the corresponding march will end at the federal building downtown. After the event, those attending the rally will be invited back to the church for complimentary refreshments provided by the Food Not Bombs group.

Please come out and support the antiwar movement in Dallas. Your presence is extremely important and vital to the mission: we need to bring the troops home safely and as soon as possible. With 72% of the troops thinking we should end the war this year, there's no better way to support the troops. Bring them home!

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