Saturday, March 11, 2006

High School Student Not Backing Down

Did anyone read the story about the Democrat student at Highland Park High School who refused to become a Republican, even when his dad threatened not to pay for his college education? According to the story, the HS student could not be bribed to support a party which we all know only cares about a few people and causes and does not support what is good for all Americans. He should definitely be applauded. The story indicated that the student participates in several Democrat groups. With more young people in Texas becoming Democrats, there is definitely hope for the future.


Bradley Bowen said...

I'm sure he will be able to pay for his own college by applying for scholarships, etc. Maybe if he tells a liberal organization about it, they will hold a fundraiser for him. But still... he did the right thing. The fact that his father is holding out on him and trying to deprive him from higher education over politics is ridiculous, though. The man needs to grow up and learn a little bit about parenting.

On the other hand, it's good to hear because (like you said) a lot of the younger generation are liberal. The younger crowd (16-25) are going to be the future of this country, and it's good that they are open to progressive ideals.

texas toad said...

I hadn't heard of it. Sounds interesting. Do you have a link?
It'll be interesting to see ten years from now whether this generation, coming of age in the shadow of the Bush presidency, maintains the Democratic leanings they showed in the 2004 elections.

Jo Smith said...

I read it in the Dallas Morning News. I get a paper daily. I am not sure if the story is on line. I tried to do a google search and was not lucky. If the republicans keep going the way they are going, and young Democrats are still paying for this war 10 years from now, it would be hard to imagine them converting to republicans.

Jo Smith said...

This story made national news. Jerry Springer on his Air America show talked about this morning. Probably if Fox News, CNN or MSNBC were progressive or more liberal, the kid probably would have been asked to appear.