Tuesday, March 07, 2006

primary results - local elections

The U.S. House District 16 will send incumbent Democrat Silvestre Reyes, who won his primary with 100% of the vote, to election in November.

Art Brender has won with about 60% of the vote and will retain his position as Tarrant County Democratic Chair.

The Dallas County District Attorney's race has been called. The nominees will be Democrat Craig Watkins and Republican Toby Shook.

Denton County Criminal District Attorney Bruce Isaacks seems to have been unseated in the Republican primary. Paul Johnson received nearly 60% of the vote in that race.

The highly contested race in District 47 for State Representative will end with runoff elections for both the Democrats and Republicans. Valinda Bolton and Jason Earle will face each other in a Democratic runoff and Bill Welch and Alex Castano will face each other in a Republican runoff.

The US House District 10 Democratic primary will also see a runoff between Ted Ankrum and Paul Foreman. The winner of the runoff will face Republican Representative Michael McCaul and Libertarian Michael Badnarik (the same person that ran for US President in 2004 against Senator John Kerry and President George W. Bush).

Roger Owen narrowly defeated Duane Shaw in the Democratic primaries and will face Republican incumbent Louie B. Gohmert for US House District 1.

Jim Henley won the Democratic primary for US House District 7 and will face Republican John Culberson for his seat.

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