Wednesday, March 29, 2006

denton county democratic convention

This past Saturday, I was a delegate to the Denton County Democratic Convention. The convention was opened with a speech from Lt. Governor candidate Maria Luisa Alvarado. She expressed her desire for a stronger Texas for every Texan and promised to bring her Democratic values to the very important post in Texas government. She asked that all Texans vote for her in the runoff on April 11 and beyond that in November.

After Alvarado's address, Denton County Party Chair Edra Bogle addressed her last convention. In May, she will be succeeded by John Gossett, who served as secretary to the convention. Mrs. Bogle called the convention to order and implemented some parliamentary procedures and then we were under way.

Some key speeches included a rousing address from candidate for U.S. Congress, District 26, Tim Barnwell. He talked about how the constituents in his district range greatly; some live in a gated community in Flower Mound and others live in a rough area of Fort Worth. He's running on principles, though, principles that should extend past those barriers. Rep. Michael Burgess has outstayed his welcome in the 26th District and it's time for a change.

Amy Manuel, running for Denton County Commissioner Precinct 2, gave a speech, as well as the Democrat running for State House, District 64, John McLeod. McLeod faces stiff competition from popular Republican Myra Crownover in November.

Some candidates sent representatives to speak in their stead. One of your NTL bloggers proudly spoke on behalf of Barbara Ann Radnofsky, candidate for U.S. Senate. The crowd overwhelmingly showed support for Radnofsky as Jennifer urged the delegates not to vote for perennial loser Gene Kelly on April 11.

Another candidate represented by a campaign worker was Glen Maxey. Maxey ran the No Nonsense in November campaign last year against Prop 2. This year, he is running for State Party Chair. The representative urged all delegates that would go on to the State Convention to cast their vote for Maxey.

After candidate speeches, delegates were chosen for the State Convention. Yours truly will represent Senate District 9 and Denton County this June at the State Convention in Fort Worth. I'm very excited about it and will definitely come back bearing many reports, endorsements, etc.

After a short recess, Edra reconvened the convention to vote on resolutions. The Denton County Party will send several resolutions, including national healthcare and anti-war messages to the State Convention. At the state level, they will have the chance to be embedded within the party platform.

The convention ended with a speech from Lt. Governor candidate Ben Z. Grant. Grant will face Alvarado in an April 11 runoff. Grant famously rode a horse to the Constitutional Convention in the 1970s and is a former Texas lawmaker that was considered a member of the "Dirty Thirty." He asked the delegates for their vote in the primary so he could get back down to Austin and sort out the Republican corruption.

The convention, overall, was a huge success. I was proud to be a part of politics in action and felt like I was really doing something to help better the Democratic Party here in Texas. I can't wait till June when the State Convention will convene. It will be a huge honor to participate. A large number of area Democrats have been elected as delegates to attend, and Denton County will be well-represented.

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