Monday, March 06, 2006

Enemies List

If the NSA sweeps you up in it's net for expressing your dissent against the Bush administration's policies, you'll be in good company. The following letter from Michael Smith was published in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in the letters to the editor section of the December 30, 2005 edition. In light of the continuing saga on NSA wiretapping, we thought it was worth revisiting.

Dear President Bush,

Can you please place me on your enemies list? Is there a form I can download or something? I'm quite sure that there is an enemies list. Nixon kept such a list of U.S. citizens who he felt were a danger to his administration, and your views on dissent seem to be comparable to his. If we question you, we're giving aid and comfort to the enemy, right? If we criticize your war, we're traitors, right? If we check out the wrong books from the library, you'll know about it. If we call the wrong people, the NSA will know about it. So there's bound to be a list, and I don't want to be left out.

Read the entire letter at Michael's Notes.


Anonymous said...

Stinking liberals. You seek to defame the single greatest President of this decade?

You simply fear his just and wise techniques.

Oh what a superb advisor he will make to his brother, Jeb, when we get him into office in 2008.

The BUSH DYNASTY shall continue well into 2016! HAH! Fact!

JEB BUSH IN 2008! We will make it happen!

Bradley Bowen said...

Is that a joke?

texas toad said...

Yeah, and a darned good one. If I had an award for snark, I'd give it to you, Anon. LOL

Anonymous said...

It was serious, left-wing liberal fools. You will see. Just wait. You will see.