Thursday, January 03, 2008

Denton County Democrats Introduce 2008 Candidate Slate

The Denton County Democrats held a press conference Tuesday evening at a packed headquarters in Denton to introduce its slate of candidates for 2008. The message of the evening was the resurgence of the local Democratic Party.
"We are back,” said Neil Durrance, the county Democratic Party chairman. “We are here to offer Denton County residents choice, balance and accountability. It is our intention to bring balance and good government to Denton County.

Here is the list of Democrats announced at Tuesday's press conference.

  • County Democratic Chairman - Neil Durrance, Denton
  • District Judge, 16th district - Karen Guerra, Carrollton
  • Constable, Pct. 5 - Mike Ballard, Denton
  • State Board of Education, 14th district - Edra Bogle, Denton
  • Commissioner, Pct. 1 - Phyllis Wolper, Denton
  • State Rep., Dist 63 - Jesus Carrillo, Ponder
  • State Rep., Dist 64 - John McClelland, Little Elm
  • U.S. Rep., Dist 24 - Tom Love, Arlington
  • U.S. Rep., Dist 26 - Kenneth Leach, Gainesville
For more, see the Denton Record Chronicle and Whosplayin.

Also, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting Melvin Willms has filed to run against Chris Harris for state Senate District 9.


Clifford Ray Fagan LCSW said...

I worked last night as a paid volunteer clerk at the precinct 4624 election where we observed an extremely high percentage of voters confused about straight party ticket proceedures on the ballots. Almost 90% of those with any questions had marked a stright party vote, then still marked most or all of the individual candidates again lower on the form. This would not be a problem in most areas, but we were informed that in Dallas County the ballot counting machines would fail to reject this as an error at the polling place, yet would reject acceptance of the actual votes later as double voting for the same candidate. In other words, while the scanners were set to accept any Opposition candidates marked on a ballot that already had a stright party selection marked at the top as an exception to the straight party ticket, anyone that accidentally or intentionally voted for a given party, then repeated their decision later in the ballot by marking any candidate from that party individually would have all such votes ignored in the final count. I personally helped at least 12 democrats to correct this, but only 2 republicans were confused by this and accepting help. I and some of my co-workers believe that this affected at least a third, maybe much more, of the almost 500 voters in our precinct, but even if they turned their ballot in a direction where we saw the error occuring as they slid it into the final check machine, all we were allowed to do was ask if they had any questions, and comment only if they asked us to look at their ballot and advise about possibloe errors. Most of the workers I recognized were Democrats, and the young, hurried, impulsive people or the young new voters, mostly Democrat were most affected by this, but we all took our oaths of impartiality seriously and were so concerned about any appearance of imprpriety, that we were not even allowed to brief voters on this possible problem, which was totally ignored in the printed instructions on the ballots and not caught by the ballot check machines. All we could do was ask if they had any questions as they approached the ballot box, and if they said no, simply look the other way even if they turned the ballot around such that we couldn't help but see that the mistake was being made again while we were helpless to stop it. We finally moved further away from the ballot box and avoided facing that direction as much as possible while ensuring adequate regulation supervision, because it was heartbreaking to see many voters (especially new ones) being deprived of their right to vote by a local flaw in the electorial process that we were forbidden by voting regulations from correcting. Please contact me as I have been unable to adequately confirm if in fact these votes were discounted as we were told or not, and if so, what can be done to correct this in the future. In addition, the numbers I estimate affected could have easily reversed the election results for any local elections where the Democratic candidate lost by a somewhat narrow margin. The Republican voters made this mistake as well, and we felt bad for them too, but actual results will not be harmed as much for them. We could only confirm numbers of errors on those that asked us to look for errors. Of those I was asked by voters to look at for errors (about 12) only two had managed to avoid this problem that apparently would have totally negating their votes. Only one of those was a Republican, and we know an intentional misinformation campaign was waged locally to target and confuse Democratic voters who tended to be young or new voters to begin with. While I am 50 years old and vote in every election, I watch mostly national news, so this was a problem, I had never been made aware of previous to last night. It could happen to anyone, and if the machines are actually set to accept exceptions to stright party ticket for opposition candidates, but nullify the votes entirely if someone marks their own party's candidate after filling in the straight bubble ticket, then this is scandalous and very destructive to a fair election. Thanks. phone# 469 426 2525

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Democrat voters are dimwits.