Wednesday, January 23, 2008

DFW Election Officials to Testify at Voter ID Hearing

The DFW area will be very well represented at Friday's hearing by the Texas House Elections Committee on the highly charged issue of voter ID and voter fraud.

The committee was previously chaired by Denton Rep. Mary Denny (R) before she stepped down in 2006. The current committee is chaired by Leo Berman (R-Tyler) and includes Rep. Kirk England of Grand Prairie, who recently changed party affiliation from Republican to Democrat, Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) as well as Tom Craddick's favorite Democrat, Lon Burnam from Fort Worth.

Capitol Annex has the scheduled witness list, which includes the elections administrators from three counties in the DFW area:

Bruce Sherbet, Dallas County Elections Administrator
Steve Raborn, Tarrant County Elections Administrator
Don Alexander, Denton County Elections Administrator

Check out the rest of the witness list here. Democratic Party chairman Boyd Richie and his Republican counterpart, Tina Benkiser, are also scheduled to testify.

UPDATE: You can livestream the testimony starting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 25th.

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