Monday, January 07, 2008

Tom Love at Denton County Press Conference

Tom Love, candidate for the Texas Congressional District 24, introduced himself to Denton Democrats with a heart-felt speech about the Democratic legacy.

Here are some excerpts:
"I'm a concerned parent and grandparent. My name is Tom Love. I'm announcing that I'm running for U.S. Congress in district 24. I'm a working man. I'm a UT grad. I'm a basic man that loves his country and loves his God. And I think it's time we turned the American dream back into the American dream...
Over forty years ago, John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." Now the Republicans say it's not my problem. I've got mine; you go get yours. And I think we're heading in the wrong direction.

We have a crisis of competence. We have a culture of corruption. We have indifference in our government, because folks, Republicans don't want to make our government work. They see government as an inherent evil. But in those words, "we the people," it is you - you're the government. Don't ever let them take that away.

We are the party of the 40 hour workweek, of child labor laws, of overtime pay. We are the party of the rights of the individual......

We have never claimed to be perfect, only to strive for a more perfect union.....

I urge you to vote and vote Democratic. And if you do vote for me, I will guarantee you my hand will be your hand, my heart will be your heart and together we will live in a shared dream of the American reality. I thank you.
For the entire speech, check out the video at WhosPlayin. To show Tom some love, click here. To meet Tom at his next event, check out his calendar.

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