Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just When You Thought You Were Safe

Those counters tracking down the last days of the Bush presidency have taken on new meaning for those of us in the DFW area. After months of speculation mayor Tom Leppert seems be confirming the notion that Bush may be coming home to Dallas upon his retirement next year.

The same articles that keep hinting at a Dallas residency also mention that Bush wants to further his legacy by building the Freedom Institute alongside his library at SMU.

According to google, the Freedom Institute is a resource center for families dealing with drug and alcohol dependency.

Whoops, my bad! Wrong one. It's the Center for Democracy, Nationalism and Market Economy Studies. No, wait, that appears to be Indonesia.

Okay, how 'bout the one "dedicated to teaching Individuals, Families, and Small Business owners how to find true freedom?" Hmmm, something tells me Bush isn't going to dedicate his golden years to teaching time management.

Well that leaves an "urban think tank that focuses on public policy issues that affect the quality of life for African Americans in particular and other minorities in general." Yeah, who are we kidding? Okay, I'm back to the first one.

Apparently, the Freedom Institute is a secret society, like Skull and Bones, only instead of Geronimo's skull, they'll use Milton Friedman's. Karen Kwiatkowski has some further insight into this mysterious organization.

Whatever it is, I'm sure the concept is as original as the name. I'm looking forward to deep, insightful policy papers telling us why the middle class needs to shoulder more of the tax burden and finance an endless war, so that Bush's profiteering patrons can fund the shills who want to convince us they have the perfect solution to all the problems Bush's incompetency has laid upon our country.

Do you think they'll add us to their blog roll?


Christopher said...

Are you sure?

What I'm hearing is Bush and Pickles may be headed to the new 100,000 acre ranch the couple bought in Paraguay over the largest fresh water aquifer in South America.

I've blogged about it.

Sadly, the story has been largely ignored by the American MSM but covered extensively in South America and Europe.

texas toad said...


Give us a link.

Maybe that's the backup plan after T. Boone Pickens finishes pumping the Ogallala aquifer dry.

Judith Ford said...

Once I find out Bushie's address, I'd like to arrange to have a small, flag-draped coffin delivered to his doorstep every day.

Christopher said...

Texas Toad,

Here you go:

It's interesting to note that Paraguay, in the years after WWII, was the largest recipient of former Nazis.

In fact, Paraguay doesn't maintain any treaties with nations like Germany, Israel and the USA, to deport suspected Nazis, thus allowing these monsters to live out their days in safety and splendor.

This makes Paraguay a perfect safe harbor for a war criminal like the Mofo from Midland.

nffcnnr said...

Oh Christopher, i sure hope you're right about Paraguay. i would loooove to see Junior living in de facto exile! And i really hope that his silly libbery gets denied by the Methodists. It would be an ugly eyesore that i'd have to look at it every day since it would be across the street from where work. Uggh!!