Sunday, November 05, 2006

NTL Endorses: Midterms 2006

On Tuesday, North Texas voters have the opportunity to really shake things up. We have a fantastic slate of candidates this year and we are prepared to send them to either Austin or Washington.

Listed below are the endorsements of the staff here at NTL. After some bickering and some persuading, we've agreed that the following candidates are the best in their race. You may notice that our list is decidedly slanted... keep in mind that we embrace our liberal bias, but we really do think that these candidates offer the best vision for Texas.


For U.S. Senate - Barbara Ann Radnofsky
During the Republican Revolution, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said that she believed in term limits. She has not honored that and is running for a third term in the U.S. Senate. Democrat Barbara Ann Radnofsky has proven herself a fierce competitor that will serve all Texans in the Senate. She will best Hutchison on veterans' affairs and healthcare if elected.

For Governor - Chris Bell
The biggest criticism against Bell in this campaign has been that he's boring. This argument follows the same logic as those who urged you to vote for Bush because he was the candidate most people would want to have a beer with. How'd that work out? In person, Bell is a dynamic and funny speaker, and he proved his mettle by taking on Tom DeLay. He's run a gutsy and largely error-free campaign. But the best reason to vote for Bell? He recognizes the threat of global warming, and has a plan to deal with it. A serious man for serious times, indeed.

For Lieutenant Governor - Maria Luisa Alvarado
Dewhurst has proven to be an incompetent Republican tool for Governor Perry. If Chris Bell (or Strayhorn or Friedman for that matter) is elected to replace Perry, let's send a strong Democrat to Austin to rule the Texas Senate underneath him. Alvarado has a strong military background and is right on the issues that matter to Texans.

For Attorney General - David Van Os
Van Os has toured every county in the state, stopping at each courthouse on his "Whistlestop Tour." He truly is dedicated to this campaign. Perhaps you've seen his signs: "Notice to Big Oil - I'm coming after you." That right there is message enough. Texas is in desperate need of a strong voice for Texas that will put an end to the corruption that plagues Austin.

For Agriculture Commissioner - Hank Gilbert
A&M graduate Gilbert is a real East Texan farmer and rancher directly involved with livestock. He understands the needs of farmers in this state. His opponent, Todd Staples, will obviously use the position as a stepping stone toward a career as a politician. Why not elect a person that actually wants to do the job? We're voting for Hank Gilbert.

For Land Commissioner - VaLinda Hathcox
As the former Special Assistant Attorney General of Texas, Hathcox is well qualified to hold public office. If elected, she would be the first female to serve in this capacity. Hathcox would lower land taxes and dedicate gaming to public education.

For Railroad Commissioner - Dale Henry
Henry is a Republican convert: he became a Democrat when the Republican Party shifted too far to the right and further away from his ideology. We're excited to endorse him as he plans to protect Texas' natural resources. Henry is well-qualified as a former member of the Region "K" Lower Colorado River Regional Water Planning Group.

For Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 2 - Bill Moody
Respected judge from the 34th District Court in El Paso and one of the few Democrats to win the State Bar Poll, Judge Moody deserves to be elected to the Supreme Court. His history of honesty, integrity, good politics and respect as a jurist almost over-qualifies him for the position.

For Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals - J. R. Molina
Molina has a lot of experience under his belt: 27 years of experience in criminal law and service as a former assistant district attorney in Tarrant County. He is "deeply committed" to due process and respect for the law. In a position as important as this, we recommend Molina's reasonable point of view.

For U.S. Representative, District 3 - Dan Dodd
Vietnam veteran Dan Dodd is ready to serve North Texas constituents. He is right on the economy, education and the environment. As a West Point graduate, he understands the correct approach to national security and promotes diplomacy. Voters should be scrambling to elect an honorable candidate like Dodd.

For U.S. Representative, District 4 - Glenn Melançon
The gap is closing, reports the Glenn Melançon campaign. Sherman is tired of Rep. Ralph Hall and its ready for real change. Melançon is ready to throw out the extreme conservatism of the past in favor of a more moderate view to build our economy and break our addiction to foreign oil.

For U.S. Representative, District 6 - David Harris
Veteran David Harris is opposing Rep. "Smokey" Joe Barton for his seat. Harris hopes to create policy that would foster strong defense, strong families and equal rights for all citizens. Harris is also a strong supporter of Texas Parks & Wildlife.

For U.S. Representative, District 12 - John Morris
If elected, John Morris promises to bring integrity and accountability to the Congress. He believes that we must reduce the demand for foreign oil, we must begin to bring our troops home safely from Iraq and that Tom DeLay's Republicans do not deserve re-election after proving their corruption.

For U.S. Representative, District 13 - Roger Waun
Roger Waun has an impressive military background and an extensive education. He supports ending the war in Iraq responsibly, as well as ending the current culture of corruption in Congress. Wichita Falls deserves Waun in Congress!

For U.S. Representative, District 24 - Gary Page
Gary Page is prepared to break up the Marchant monopoly. Send them a message: they don't own Carrollton or its voters! Gary Page is right on the issues: immigration, Iraq and campaign finance reform. North Texas is ready for change and that change begins with electing someone to Congress that will take the job seriously and vote his conscience.

For U.S. Representative, District 26 - Tim Barnwell
Rep. Michael Burgess has been a a rubber-stamp for the Bush agenda. Denton County voters are ready for a change this year. Elect someone that will stand up to the Republican rhetoric and give North Texas the real representation it deserves.

For U.S. Representative, District 30 - Eddie Bernice Johnson
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has proudly served her Dallas constituents for many years. She's ready to go back to Washington and continue fighting for Texans, as well as building bipartisan coalitions to accomplish more in Congress.

For U.S. Representative, District 32 - Will Pryor
The DCCC named this campaign an emerging race - Will Pryor has got the stuff to win. Pryor will vote to make healthcare affordable, fund stem cell research, and protect children from online predators. Dallas voters: if you're sick of Sessions, vote for change.

NTL recommends the following candidates in local Texas Legislature races:
For Texas State Senate, District 12 - Dwight B. Fullingim
For Texas State House, District 62 - Pete Veeck
For Texas State House, District 64 - John McLeod
For Texas State House, District 69 - David Farabee
For Texas State House, District 70 - Rick Koster
For Texas State House, District 89 - Lehman Harris
For Texas State House, District 90 - Lon Burnam
For Texas State House, District 91 - Byron Sibbet
For Texas State House, District 93 - Paula Hightower Pierson
For Texas State House, District 94 - David Pillow
For Texas State House, District 95 - Marc Veasey
For Texas State House, District 96 - Christopher Youngblood
For Texas State House, District 99 - Sheila Ford
For Texas State House, District 100 - Terri Hodge
For Texas State House, District 102 - Harriet Miller
For Texas State House, District 103 - Rafael Anchia
For Texas State House, District 104 - Roberto Alonzo
For Texas State House, District 105 - Bob Romano
For Texas State House, District 106 - Katy Hubener
For Texas State House, District 107 - Allen Vaught
For Texas State House, District 108 - Jack Borden
For Texas State House, District 109 - Helen Giddings
For Texas State House, District 110 - Barbara Mallory Caraway
For Texas State House, District 111 - Yvonne Davis
For Texas State House, District 113 - Eric Brandler
For Texas State House, District 114 - Phillip Shinoda


In_Flight said...

How big of a chance do most of your canadates stand in north Texas? there a big democratic community?

Michael Davis-Dallas Progress said...

This is one of the most exciting election seasons in some time. I can't wait until 10PM Tuesday to bounce from campaign to campaign checking out the results.

Michael Davis
Dallas Progress

Bradley said...

Phil, North Texas is a conservative area and has been for quite a while now. Fortunately for us, we have a great slate of candidates this go round, and the Dallas and Tarrant County Democratic Parties are in the best shape they've been in recent years. We are looking forward to making gains in Dallas and Ft. Worth. As for the conservative suburbs, things will probably stay the same (Republican control). Thanks for your interest!

Michael, I couldn't agree more! I am very excited about Tuesday. I can't wait for Democrats to make gains and hopefully win control of Congress.