Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct 4: Neighbors Square Off

The race for Tarrant County Commissioner Precinct 4 is a race that literally pits neighbor against neighbor. The long-running incumbent, Republican J.D. Johnson, and his challenger, Democrat Steve Lerma, live on the same street, three houses apart. In an interview, Mr. Lerma gave one rationale for running.

"I'm sick and tired of seeing him use Tarrant County equipment and manpower in his back yard. I hate seeing our Tarrant County tractors cutting his lawn and him taking advantage of our tax dollars and not being a good steward of our money," Lerma told the Editorial Board.

And the reason I know this, and I'm not just saying this because I'm running, is because he's my neighbor. He lives three houses away from me. I see this. Not only do I see this -- my neighbors see this."

Johnson's blunt response: "It's ridiculous. I don't do that. Never have and never will."

So one letter to the editor in today's paper caught my eye. Amid the usual character endorsements, was this little gem.

I'm a neighbor of J.D. Johnson. Without my permission or knowledge, he placed an asphalt road on the back end of my property to make access to his home more convenient for himself.

When I returned from work one afternoon, there it was! We tried to settle the matter but couldn't. His attorney said we couldn't win a lawsuit because his client was J.D. Johnson, county commissioner. The court ruled that Johnson could no longer use the road to access his home!

This is why I support Steve Lerma for county commissioner. I feel he'll bring back honesty and integrity to Pct. 4.

Bert Nunez, Fort Worth

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorsed incumbent J. D. Johnson, saying "We find nothing in his performance that demands replacement." Apparently, his neighbors beg to differ.

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Anonymous said...

I also live in the neighborhood. I am in and out of the subdivision several times a day. And I have never seen county equiptment mow the Johnson property. In fact Mrs.Johnson mows with riding mower. Lerma is a liar. Trying to make himself have merit. Liars never prosper.