Monday, November 06, 2006

Where to Vote on Election Day

Here's everything you need to know to cast your ballot tomorrow in North Texas. Please forward the following information to friends and family in North Texas. Let's make a real effort to get out the vote and increase turnout among progressive voters. This is definitely the year to give this our best effort. 2006 is the year: we'll take back Congress... with your help we can also take back Texas. See you at the polls.

[Ed. note: If you experience any problems voting or witness anything suspicious on election day, contact the Texas Democratic Party's Election Protection Team at 512-478-9800.]

Denton County:
Collin County:
Dallas County:
Tarrant County:
To view the League of Women's Voter Guide to statewide races, click here. To view NTL's endorsements for North Texas races, click here.

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