Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Billboards in Texas Support School Vouchers

James Leininger's political PAC is putting up billboards across Texas asking parents to support school vouchers.
On Monday, the Texans for School Choice political action committee launched a campaign of billboards and radio ads in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston to target low-income, inner-city parents. The ads, which are in Spanish and English, carry the message "Give parents a choice. Give children a chance."
Jobsanger weighs in.
School vouchers are a bad idea, and will contribute to the worsening of our public schools. It has always been a point of pride in this country, that every student is entitled to a free public school education. How will we fulfill this obligation after vouchers destroy our public schools? Our public schools do have some problems, but it makes a lot more sense to fix our public schools instead of destroying them.
We've posted before on Leininger's Edgewood myth. The Jobsanger post lists five good reasons why school vouchers are a very bad idea.

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