Wednesday, August 30, 2006

democrats, independents oppose toll road SH 121

Letter from Amy Manuel, Democrat for Denton County Commissioner [Precinct 2]. Hwy 121 stretches across Collin and Denton Counties.
The west bound lanes of Hwy 121 were dedicated Tuesday with Republican Gov. Rick Perry, all four Republican county commissioners and my opponent, Republican Justice of the Peace, Ron Marchant.

Toll roads burden our family finances even further. With rising gas prices and declining wages, why put more financial drain on our families. The tolls will be 14.5 cents a mile, one of the most expensive toll roads in America with increases planned every two years. We already pay city, county, state and federal taxes for our roads. Why do the Republicans feel we need to be charged again?

As the Democratic candidate for County Commissioner, I tried to attend this event, which was held at a public middle school and was announced as a public event. I was barred at the door. Apparently citizens with different views are not welcome, especially those who stand up and challenge our leadership when it comes to their anti-family policies.

This November, you have a choice. You have a choice to put a citizen in office who believes we should not be taxed yet again to drive on our roads. You have a choice to put a citizen in office who will not allow our hard earned dollars to be spent on more toll roads built by Perry donors and their overseas subcontractors. You have a choice to just say no to abuse of power. That choice in November is me, Democrat Amy Manuel.

Amy Manuel, Democratic candidate for Denton County Commissioner pct 2.

Thanks to John McClelland at Burnt Orange Report for making us aware of Amy's press release.

Supporters of independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn say that their gubernatorial nominee is also opposed to the toll road (and all new toll roads statewide, for that matter). Strayhorn, currently the State Comptroller, will host a press conference tomorrow (August 31) at 2 p.m. in Lewisville opposing the toll road SH 121. The event will be held in front of the Vista Point Business park at 405 SH 121 (aka SH 121 Bypass, SH 121 Toll) in Lewisville. The business park is just west of MacArthur Blvd on the 'south' bound service road of SH 121.

Democratic candidate Chris Bell has vowed to fight the Trans Texas Corridor, a Perry-backed plan to create a Texas super highway funded by tolls. Independent candidate Kinky Friedman is also opposed to the construction of new toll roads.

The North Texas Tollway Authority will begin tolling SH 121 drivers on Friday, September 1.


SomervellCoSalon said...

I used to live in The Colony. I heard Manuel at the TTC meeting in Tarrant County, video- clipped it.
Also have a huge amount of video and audio from 7 different counties-citizen comments opposing (Bell-Bosque-Tarrant-Parker-Johnson-Hood-McClennan)

youngprogressivetx said...

Does anyone know why she was not allowed into the dedication ceremony?

Bradley Bowen said...

Does anyone know why she was not allowed into the dedication ceremony?

Presumably because she is a Democratic candidate.