Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Waterboy

The following letter to the editor was printed in the Denton Record-Chronicle on August 19, 2006 [reprinted with permission of the author].

If Congressman Burgess as­pires to an acting career, as William Trantham quips (DR-C, Letters, Aug. 10), instead of auditioning for Slackers, Part II, he might consider a staring role in a sequel to The Waterboy.

This seems more consistent with his present experience — carrying water for the Bush ad­ministration and kindred special interests.

Such adulation is evident in his facile correspondence to middle- and working-class constituents who offer citizen input.

This correspondence generally starts with the most generic and embarrassingly simple recapitulation of the issue about which the constituent has written and concludes with a summary of and enthusiastic praise for the Bush administration’s position on the issue.

Oddly, while Michael Burgess may spend little time thinking about the average citizen’s views, he always notes that he is grateful that we have shared our thoughts with him.

I guess it’s just nice to know what the “rabble” thinks. I wonder if his more generous, special-interest contributors (the minority who provide disproportionate financial power to his campaign) get comparable treatment.

While I can’t suggest a single reason that Mr. Trantham may want to vote for the incumbent, I believe his Democratic challenger, Tim Barnwell, is an extremely capable and diligent opponent.

What’s more, he is likely less beholden to special interests and more able to truly represent the people of District 26.

Although Mr. Trantham and I differ about movie casting for Congressman Burgess, we seem to share the hope that he will find more suitable work in the not-too-distant future.

Arnold Collins,

Let's help Burgess find his true calling. Click here to vote for Tim Barnwell in the Progressive Patriots Fund. (He'll get a $5000 campaign contribution if he earns the most votes in this poll.) It's the last day to vote and he needs your support. Get used to putting a check by Tim's name. It'll be good practice for this fall.

[Disclaimer: I volunteer for the Barnwell campaign. Join me.]


Whosplayin? said...

This letter kicks butt. Mr. Collins should be made a regular contributor.

Burgess's letters are quite vapid.

For example, if you haven't read Burgess's response to his constituents' call to DO HIS JOB and provide oversight for the executive branch, please do so:

Whosplayin? said...

Sorry - that URL is

wish I were bitchphd said...

BTW - your blog should do something like my friend Chuck Kuffner does - interview candidates. I was enthusing about Barnwell to Kuff and he said that if ya'll interviewed Barnwell he would promote it on his blog. He is 'full up' with candidates to interview for his own popular feature.
Just a suggestion. He is the one who turned me on to you guys too. Keep up the good work - it is awfully lonely for us here in Dick Armey country isn't it?!

Whosplayin? said...

I hope to have an interview with Tim Barnwell posted soon. Also, I'm working on an interview with Barbara Ann Radnofsky. Both will appear at WhosPlayin?, but I'd love to take Kuffner up on the
offer to get it promoted over there.

NTL has picked up these interviews from WhosPlayin? in the past, so stay tuned to NTL...