Wednesday, August 16, 2006

progressive patriots: vote for barnwell

Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) has chosen several congressional candidates from key races across the country for inclusion in his Progressive Patriots Fund. The candidate with the most votes by August 23 will receive a $5,000 contribution from the fund.

This poll gives us an opportunity to support a Democrat from North Texas who is running for Congress this November. Tim Barnwell is running against Rep. Michael Burgess, a Flower Mound Republican, in the 26th Congressional District. Of the twelve candidates, he's the only one from Texas. We encourage you to cast a vote for Barnwell and demand change here in North Texas. The generous donation from the Progressive Patriots Fund would be an important and vital contribution to the Barnwell campaign.

Click here to vote for Tim Barnwell in the Progressive Patriots Fund!

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Anonymous said...

A diary is posted on MyDD with Tim Barnwell as the very first comment. If you have a myDD account, please go to This Diary and show your support by adding a comment to persuade folks in other states why our district needs Tim Barnwell. A recommendation would help too!