Sunday, August 06, 2006

How can we fix this party?

Following is a letter I recently sent to the Texas State Democratic Party. I was disgusted about the particular issue of the credit card and the whole industry, but that only sparked my frustration with the whole lot of 'em - county, state, and national. No financial or press support for good candidates such as Radnofsky, whose numbers are better than Bell's? Howard Dean kissing Pat Robertson's ass? Hillary Clinton and flag burning bills? Spurning Feingold and Murtha for actually having some integrity? Disorganization, mixed messages, lies, corporate complicity. Believe me, I hate hearing from the mealy-mouthed moderates that they "...don't like what the Republicans are doing but there are no options..." I will still vote for the obvious lesser of two evils, but I sure as hell wish they'd stop giving the voters rightful pause before they check that "D" box.

Stop overcomplicating it. We're the party of reason. We're the party of the people. Yes, the issues are complex, but trying to woo the wingnuts gets us nothing but disrespect. Withholding criticism of the polluted, corrupt industries destroying the middle class and the whole concept of democracy defeats our entire platform. Republicrats' voting records speak for themselves. I know, we need the money to win. Then we owe the favors. Big vicious cycle. God forbid any Democrats actually grow a pair and push the agenda for a better way. Yep, that's scary. That's hard. Change is hard, you bet. But if we're not the party of change, what are we? Just do it already. Start fighting and we might be surprised at the masses aching to fight with us.

Check out the customer reviews of Juniper, the bank for the Democratic Credit Card. This says it all.
Dear Texas State Democratic Party,

I am a Texas liberal who despises the corrupt Republicans in charge of our state and our nation. I desperately want them gone. I have been working hard volunteering, canvassing, calling, emailing, etc. for local and state Democratic candidates for the last three years. I would love to see the Democratic Party get its act together, but I'm afraid the outlook isn't good. Disorganization and hypocrisy continue to plague the party. Most candidates will get my votes this November, but you will not get a dime from me; a serious loss because I have the money to give and the passion for change.

I do owe thanks to the party for the good laugh this morning when I was denied the Democratic Party credit card. I'm debt-free, with the exception of a mortgage, have a high FICO score, and I save over half of my better-than-modest annual income. My credit history is unblemished. I'm not playing by the big money rules, though. I don't have revolving balances and was therefore denied the opportunity to contribute to the party that supposedly opposes the assault on the middle class. I thought I'd make an exception to my disdain for the credit card industry (I do have a card which I pay off every month) and help out, but your issuing bank wouldn't let me. Hilarious. I don't need the card and I've lost nothing without it; I just thought it would be a good way to help. You won't take money from an affluent, responsible consumer, but I'm sure you have plenty of contributors with the card who are carrying balances at usurious rates while struggling to pay for their children's healthcare, education, etc. You've certainly earned the title Republicrat.

You can all give yourselves a big pat on the back for contributing to the fascists encouraging and rewarding debt among the huddled masses while gorging themselves on the profits. You will probably argue that the bank makes the decisions based on their criteria, etc. and that you cannot control their decisions. No, you can't, but it doesn't matter. You're part of the problem. If you want to encourage a healthy, fair economic system wherein the middle and lower classes are provided equal opportunity for success and financial stability, you'll stop indulging the corporate pirates by joining their manipulation. There is a systemic problem of rewarding debt and punishing financial independence among the citizens and you are encouraging it. You were supposed to part of the solution, but you've finally convinced me to give up on you and look elsewhere. Congratulations.


jobsanger said...

Great letter!

You'll probably get a form letter back asking for a donation. They just don't listen to the grassroots.

Bradley Bowen said...

To add to the laundry list at the beginning, what's up with high-profile Democrats (such as Bill and Hillary) endorsing Joe Lieberman for Senate? They have a real progressive (Lamont) running for Senate up in Connecticut, but they are sticking with the status quo because he's a good guy. I'm sure Joe's a good guy and I feel bad for him, but he's wrong on the issues.

I also can't believe what happened with this credit card business! Wow! You're right... if the TDP doesn't become part of the solution, then they are part of the problem. It's also interesting that you dug up all of those negative reviews of the Juniper Bank... maybe you'll be better off WITHOUT the card.

I Hate Dallas said...

Great post. I've been denied the TDP credit card as well. How odd is it that the Democrats would do this kind of thing before the Republicans? Are the Democrats going after the debtor vote? It is a constituency that keeps on growing:)

Whosplayin? said...

I'm not a fan of credit cards as a fundraising tool. Many of the companies in the fundraising business are unscrupulous to begin with. Asking your supporters to apply for a credit card without first ensuring that the company is legitimate and fair is short-term thinking.

When it comes down to it, the best way to raise funds for the party is for all of us to just get out our checkbooks and send it to them.

The problem there is that we don't perceive the party as doing a lot of good at GETTING DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES ELECTED. Which, of course they can't even attempt to do if we don't send money. So, what's the answer here? Somebody please tell me.

Whosplayin said...

Uh, let me rephrase that. Don't send them your whole checkbook... Send *a* check.