Wednesday, October 29, 2008

brimer calls texas blogger "lunatic"

Fellow Texas blogger Bay Area Houston had a little run-in with State Sen. Kim Brimer, the SD-10 Republican whose seat may get taken in a few days by Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis.

Here's the description of John's encounter with Brimer in his own words:
I attended the Sunset Commission hearing on abolishing the Texas Residential Construction Commission. Prior to the meeting I had sent a letter to Brimer (see attached) asking him to recuse himself from the decision to abolish this commission because unlike the homeowners who will testify, Brimer can always just ask Bob Perry for more donations to buy another condo if the condo is defective. I was obviously referring to his rent to own scam.

The confrontation
While “teaching” a new homeowner the ropes in the capitol, I saw Brimer in the hall, so I asked him about the letter and if he would recuse himself from the decision. He immediately turned red and started yelling at me “You are a lunatic” “You are crazy” and then walked away.

Three times I asked Brimer to “Don’t turn away from me, let’s talk about this”. Each time he would turn around getting more red. He claimed I didn’t know what I was talking about, and got mad when I told him I had a copy of the Ethics complaint. He demanded a copy of it. (see attached. Notice this complaint was filed in late 2007 and is NOT the one filed by the Values PAC in Dallas)

Brimer again turned away until I said “Well, then we will discuss this at the hearing, with the media”. He turned around one last time and said “I’ll make sure you are not there!” (What that meant is beyond me!)

The conclusion
Anyway, he was there for the two day hearings, but he was noticably missing from the part on the homebuilders commission recommendation. Mission accomplished?
If you want to bring real change to Austin, make a last-minute contribution to the Wendy Davis campaign today, and if you live in Senate District 10, make sure you vote for her!

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