Thursday, October 09, 2008

two ut students facing punishment over political signs on campus

Burnt Orange Report has the story on two University of Texas students who are facing punishment after refusing to take down political signs from the windows of their dorm room.

Cousins Connor and Blake Kincaid, who share a room on the UT campus, have signs promoting Barack Obama and Democratic candidates displayed in the windows to their first-floor dorm. According to university officials, it is against school policy to allow signs in the windows. While the students feel that they are within the constitutional limits of free speech, the university says that political signs are allowed elsewhere on campus.

The university has already prohibited the roommates from registering for spring courses until the signs are gone, and has threatened to remove them from campus housing if necessary.

The University Democrats and College Republicans have joined forces in support of the Kincaids opposing this ruling. The Kincaids have said they will take the university to court before taking down their political posters.

Check out a news story on the situation below:

UPDATE: The situation has been resolved with the university agreeing to suspend the rules about political speech until faculty and students can come to a compromise, BOR reports.

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