Saturday, October 25, 2008

fort worth star-telegram endorses obama

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram endorsed Barack Obama for president today in an editorial citing America's need for new leadership.

For many of the same reasons that the Star-Telegram recommended Democrat Bill Clinton in 1992, it is recommending Democrat Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama provides the prescription for America’s ills at this moment: a fine, inquisitive intellect, paired with an eloquence that allows him to articulate a message with clarity and substance; an ability to inspire people of all ages, races and ethnicities who never before were engaged in the political process; and an unflappable temperament that allows him to weather a barrage of withering personal attacks.

Under his leadership, the Obama campaign has been amazingly disciplined, efficient and effective. Those same talents will be essential for the difficult work ahead to rebuild the nation’s faltering economic institutions and restore citizen confidence.

Meanwhile, the Fort Worth newspaper's main competitor, the Dallas Morning News, has endorsed John McCain. We think that, like the two biggest newspapers, the voting population in North Texas is also split. That's why you need to get everyone you know out to the polls on Election Day, or better yet during early voting next week. We could turn this around and give Obama much-needed, valuable votes. And yes, Texas is a red state, but you never know what could happen! We may end up with a Democratic senator if we get out the vote!

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