Tuesday, October 07, 2008

mccain calls obama "that one"

Following tonight's presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, the pundits on CNN seemed indignant about one comment in particular: Sen. John McCain, when referring to Sen. Barack Obama, called his opponent "that one."

Now we can tear apart that comment a million times over to try and figure out whether there were any kind of undertones or implications, but we'll let you be the judge. View the video of the comment below:

So what do you think? Did McCain have a momentary lapse in memory and forget Obama's name? Was it just to reinforce the point? Was there any sort of condescension intended? You tell us.


DB said...

I want a t-shirt saying "I voted for...that one!"

Hardy Haberman said...

I think most people misinterpreted it. After watching the replay I think he had a "senior moment" and simply could not remember Obama's name.

That kind of short term memory loss is not the kind of stuff we need happening during delicate diplomatic discussions!

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