Thursday, October 23, 2008

possible voter suppression reported in texas

Are we in for another election riddled with questions about fraud, suppression, and intimidation? Can we just play fair for once, and see who wins?

The powers that be in Texas may be up to the same old tricks this cycle, according to reports out of Clear Lake. MOMocrats has the full story about possible voter suppression tactics in an area recently plagued by hurricanes. Here's an excerpt:

"A driver's license?" I asked, "They specified a driver's license?"

She confirmed it was a driver's license, not any other type of photo ID.

Earlier this year, back in March, there was a referendum on the table to require a photo ID to vote. However, the problem with that is technically it's a poll tax, since the IDs cost (money and time). You can't charge people to vote. However, even that referendum didn't require a driver's license, just an official photo identification card.

These poll workers stated that they required a driver's license, according to my friend. When she asked, they said she didn't have to show hers to them to vote.

Next, I talked to another friend who voted that same day at that same place. She reported the exact same experience.

"Did they tell you they had to have your driver's license?" I asked.

"Yeah, they did," she said.

"Did they scan the back of it?"

"Yeah, they did," she said again.

"Did they tell you that you had a choice, and that they didn't need the license?"

"No, I just figured the rules had changed," she said.

Apparently, all across the state, poll workers are asking voters to have a valid driver's license ready before voting. There are even reports from right here in North Texas of voters having their licenses scanned.

Keep in mind that you do not have to participate in this practice. There is no voter ID law in this state, and if you present a valid voter registration card, you do not have to show another form of identification unless you are a first-time voter.

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Synapse said...

I honestly think that is more laziness and doing what is easy. New voters DO have to show ID, and it is just easier for them to ask everyone for a DL, since the vast majority (in suburban areas especially) will have one. Really doubt there is a conscious effort to suppress any votes here. Just inaccurate generalizations due to wanting to hurry the line up. Before assuming suppression, I'd have to see what they are saying to anyone who cannot present a DL.