Wednesday, October 29, 2008

mccain and obama tied in arizona

Along with red states West Virginia and Georgia, John McCain's home state of Arizona has been moved to the "Leaning McCain" column on the RealClearPolitics electoral map.

You read that right: the senator from Arizona may actually lose the state he represents.

The Arizona Republic reports that McCain's lead over his Democratic opponent has shriveled to only two points, and with a three point margin of error, the state is now an electoral toss up.

Sen. John McCain's once-comfortable lead in Arizona has all but evaporated, according to a new poll that has the underdog Republican presidential candidate struggling in his own backyard.

With less than a week until Election Day, McCain is leading his Democratic rival, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, by 2 points, 46 to 44, down from a 7-point lead a month ago and a double-digit lead this summer, according to a poll from Arizona State University.

This race is getting very interesting. We may be in for some surprises next Tuesday!

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