Thursday, May 08, 2008

carrollton gone wild

Who would have thought Carrollton politics would make national news?

Well, come to think of it, Carrollton's not the first Dallas suburb to make the big time with its antics: we all remember the Farmers Branch fiasco.

Anyway, Wonkette has picked up on a Dallas Morning News story about Carrollton mayor Becky Miller, the Texan Pinocchio. Here's the quick run-down, Wonkette style:
  • She tells people she was engaged to Don Henley, frontman for the "westerny" '70s rock band, the Eagles. Why this would be anything to brag about, we don't know. But according to an Eagles spokesman, Henley has "never heard of her, doesn't know her, certainly was never engaged to her." Maybe he was on drugs, because that is what Rock Stars do.
  • She claims to have sung backup for Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne. Ooh, aren't you cool. Spokesmen for Browne and Ronstadt, as well as Miller's entire family, say this never happened. Miller hilariously claims that she went by other names — including "Pinky" — and that may be the source of the confusion. But she won't tell reporters what those other names were, because they were either really embarrassing or she's just making shit up.
  • She claims she used to attend Western Kentucky University. She didn't do this at all.
  • She says her brother died in Vietnam. Her father says that her brother never served in the military or died, what with him STILL BEING ALIVE. Miller — no joke — says her father has Alzheimer's and doesn't know what he's talking about, because she has a secret other brother who did die.
Miller is up against challenger Ron Branson in the election, and she is accusing him of dirty politics for trying to expose these alleged lies, half-truths, Bosnia snipers, etc. But her friends and family are not even on her side? Do they want her to lose? Are they also related to Rev. Wright?

Trust me, we'll be keeping a close eye on this feisty North Texas election.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the nut job who's running against her? He's a real crackpot. What an interesting coincidence this all came up just before the elections on Saturday. A friend of mine went to the polls the other day for early voting and this freak recoginized him as a Becky Miller supporter and started screaming at him in front of several people.

Carrollton has come a long way in the last few years, from DART rails being built, bond elections to give us new parks, bike paths and renovated fire stations. By 2010 we'll have bike paths that link most of our parks to the 3 new rail stations. We'll have urban development, lofts, apts, new retail around these centers. The old Furneaux Shopping center has been revitalized. Mayor Becky and our councel have made all that happen.

I guess it's more news worthy to make personal attacks on her and not even mention all the new stuff happening in our town.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please! The nutjob that's running against HER?

Swallowed a little kool-aid have ya, buddy? Or, should I say "Pinky"?

magicscreen said...

It's not drinking Kool-aid, it's living and working and going to city counsel meeting and watching all the positive changes that are happening in my community. If you've ever watched a story unfold for weeks, and then all the sudden see the media grabs it and turn it into a one minute sound byte, it's truly amazing.

I know Becky and I know Ron. I've talked with people and seen what they've done. Both of these people have lived here forever. I've seen what they've both done. Ron is losing by a landslide and chose to string together these silly anticdotes and make this story. Becky is inclusive with the community on issues of race and sexual orientation. Ron is a racist, hates the influx of Latinos, blacks and Gays. Becky isn't. Becky works hard to change the community, Ron is divisive and critical. It's not just me guys...count the yard signs in carrollton..20 for signs for Becky for each 1 for Ron. He had to do something, he was losing!

Ron is threatening her supporters stated publicly that he was out to smear her. He's done it in public before. He warned people that he was putting together some smut, and he did it. Wow, big surprise.

See the DMN Artcle below.

Carrollton mayoral candidate's encounter with firefighters draws criticism.

I get it that people who know very little about our suburb want to bash a mayor and believe alot of unsubstantiated rumors put out by a buffoon, who's pissed because she got elected over the baby Sen. Kenny Marchant who was supposed to be elected 3 years ago.

I've been to city counsel meetings, I've talked to Mayor Miller and seen how hard she's worked for the city. I've seen her show up for career day at my son's middles school, shown up at neighborhood block parties, fought for the city to try and get past YEARS of anti-business climate from previous mayors and counsels (Vista Ridge was supposed to be in Carrolton, but city counsel at the time wouldn't have it).

Sure, it's fun to poke at our public officials, and believe the worst about them. But really, it's even more fun to watch the media manipulated by some ass. She'll be re-elected, we'll keep trying to improve our city and after this weekend nobody will care.

So, I've lived worked and know these candidates and have some experience on how they contribute to this city. You've read an article in the paper...Who's drinking the Kool-aid now?

Anonymous said...

We have all known family and friends that have told stories about their past that most likely were not true. I know Beck Miller and Ron Branson. Branson is going to take us back to the days of Mayberry. We need to move forward or Carrollton will just be another Northern slum of Dallas like a few other cities and you all know the ones I refer to.

Becky is the only choice for Mayor not some half wit who thinks the mall that Lewisville stole from us would have been a terrible idea "just think of all the traffic" Yep Ron think of all the tax revenue, we don't need that!!!

Ron also wants the police to either tow uninsured vehicles or have the officers sale them insurance on the spot!! Oh I get it so easy a policeman can do it. The carrollton police dept. agents you can rely on for your insurance needs.

Branson is an old cook and if you ask me a little off.

Anonymous said...

Well, look at it this way, if he's a little off and HE's the real kook (or cook, if you prefer), then he will be making headlines across the country just like she is not.


And wipe that kool-aid off your face, it makes you look as ridiculous as you sound.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Becky Miller personally , but I do know Ron Branson and he is anything but a kook. He is a stable conservative. He is not a racist. He is a Christian. He is a Viet Nam war veteran. He is a past city councilman with support of the majority of present city councilmen. He doesn't lie or make up stories. He may get in your face on subjects he feels strongly about but he never screams. He wants the city council to regain control of the city instead of "staff" making all the important decisions as they do now.