Saturday, May 31, 2008

count every vote

According to HuffingtonPost, it has been confirmed that today's meeting of the DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee has afforded a compromise on Florida's primary: each of the delegates will attend the convention with half a vote. Sen. Hillary Clinton is expected to gain 19 pledged delegates from the plan, but there's no word on how the question of Florida superdelegates will be handled.

After a 50/50 solution for the Michigan delegation fell three votes short, a deal is on the table now that would essentially ask all of the candidates that took their name off that state's ballot to agree to sign uncommitted delegates to Sen. Barack Obama. Clinton would keep her delegates, as her name was on the ballot there. This compromise would give Clinton 10 delegates.

We're glad to see the Democrats working together to find a solution to this, because after all, as Democrats we don't believe in disenfranchising voters. Here's hoping that the compromises we'll learn more about as the day goes on will make every voice heard in Michigan and Florida!

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