Thursday, May 15, 2008

pinky and the brain

Remember Carrollton mayor Becky Miller? The one that allegedly went to Western Kentucky University, married a few of the Eagles, and faced sniper fire when her plane landed in Bosnia?

Well, she's not the mayor anymore.

In last Saturday's election, underdog opponent Ron Branson unseated the incumbent in a come-from-behind victory that the Dallas Morning News is taking credit for.

Mrs. Miller had led by 9 percentage points in early voting, but those ballots were cast at least a day before a Dallas Morning News story delved into her background. She wound up losing by 9 percentage points.

"That's a total flip," Dallas County Elections Administrator Bruce Sherbet said. "I can just make the assumption that ... that [news story] definitely had an impact."

Now, with Pinky out of the picture, Mayor Branson, known as "The Brain" for his propensity to hatch dastardly schemes, can move in and quickly enact his evil plan to make Carrollton the next Farmers Branch (whites only).
With Tim O'Hare's mayoral victory in neighboring Farmers Branch, two strong advocates of expelling illegal immigrants will lead neighboring northern suburbs. ....

Voters Saturday offered a mix of opinions about the candidates. Bob Olsen, 52, supported Mr. Branson because of his tough stance against illegal immigrants.

"He thinks kind of the same way Tim O'Hare does," Mr. Olsen said.

You're next, Lewisville.

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