Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hillary takes kentucky

The major networks have called it for Hillary Clinton in Kentucky. With over thirty percent of precincts reporting, CNN had Hillary up by more than ten percentage points over Barack Obama.

Clinton's win in Kentucky is being called a sweep -- she's winning big, everywhere:

According to exit polls in Kentucky, Clinton won among men, 62-32 percent, and among women, 67-27 percent.

She also beat Obama across all age groups, income groups and education levels.

Nine percent of Kentucky voters were black, and they broke for Obama 87%. Clinton won 71% of the white vote. In exit polling, over half of Democratic voters said that Obama shares the views of his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Polls show that Obama will likely have the advantage in Oregon's primary. We'll report later with more numbers, and with results from Oregon, whose last polls won't close until 10 p.m. CST.

6:43 p.m. - 57-40 Clinton, 40% reporting
6:50 p.m. - 58-39 Clinton, 43% reporting
6:58 p.m. - 58-38 Clinton, 51% reporting
7:02 p.m. - 59-37 Clinton, 53% reporting


Anonymous said...

The coverage of the Democratic Primary appears to be very biased in favor of Hilary Clinton. It is obvious that the media does not like Barak Obama by the negative press and analysis of the this race. It's always positive for Clinton and gloom for Obama but at the end of the day with all these so called exil polls and web polls....the voters and delegates are yet expressing themselves of their desires. So the real poll is seen and thats why Obama is on top right now and he will get the democratic nomination.

Bradley said...

I think the media is trying to be more balanced than they were earlier in the race, when it was obvious that many of them were pro-Obama. Regardless, I don't know how you could watch the pundits recently and gather that they were pro-Clinton, what with a number of them saying it's impossible for her to win, or unlikely at the very least.