Tuesday, May 20, 2008

kentucky liveblog, part 2

7:38 p.m. - Clinton 65%, Obama 31%, with 86% of precincts reporting.
7:39 p.m. - Tim Russert thinks Hillary forgot about delegates, popular vote doesn't matter. Is Hillary going to fight or unite? She said she's going toe-to-toe. The maps that Hillary is citing to say she'll do better in the general were put together by Karl Rove.
7:40 p.m. - Wolf Blitzer says Hillary's winning Kentucky by 35 points. Polls close in Oregon in just over two hours.
7:42 p.m. - CNN: Obama campaign reporting 200,000 new contributors. Breaking all records, using internet, etc. Obama set to give speech in Des Moines, Iowa.
7:44 p.m. - Obama will probably wait for some results out of Oregon before speaking, will probably speak around 10 o'clock Eastern, 9 central.
7:45 p.m. - Howard Wolfson live in the studio at CNN after the break.
7:46 p.m. - MSNBC: Russert is talking about Obama's new donors, a great number of them gave less than $25 so they can be tapped over and over and over.
7:48 p.m. - Everyone's playing commercials.
7:49 p.m. - Howard Wolfson on CNN: Obama will continue to outraise us and outspend us, and we'll continue to beat him in state after state. We will have the resources we need to get our message out.
7:50 p.m. - Wolf Blitzer: How do you explain Obama's fundraising ability, when Clinton has Terry McAuliffe? Wolfson: Both candidates have broken fundraising records. Hillary has huge wins in WV and KY.
7:51 p.m. - Wolfson: MI and FL is a key part of the process, but it's not about us. It's about Dems being true to principles and making every vote count. We think they'll be seated and we'll obviously get those delegates. We'll do well in the upcoming states, we did well tonight, and we're ahead in the popular vote.
7:52 p.m. - Blitzer: Is it possible this will go to the convention? Wolfson: We don't have a nominee, if Obama gets the number of delegates required we'll salute him, but we don't have a nominee and we're going to keep on going. My expectation is that we will have a nominee, Sen. Clinton, before we go to Denver. It is premature for Obama to declare victory tonight.
7:54 p.m. - Pat Buchanan on MSNBC: Only one third of Hillary's voters said they'd vote for Obama in the general. If I were a superdelegate, I'd be looking at these monster victories... I'd be nervous.
7:55 p.m. - Keith Olbermann: On Feb. 5, Huckabee won big, Romney won big, are McCain's losses on Super Tuesday relevant to Obama's monstrous losses in West Virginia and Kentucky?
7:56 p.m. - Buchanan: Obama lost New York and California, but he's going to beat McCain there. Utah's Romney, Mormon thing. I think McCain is in trouble because of his position on trade in Michigan and Ohio.
7:57 p.m. - Olbermann: Obama will speak in about an hour before Oregon's polls close, based on his success in Kentucky by getting delegates there.
7:58 p.m. - Tammy Bruce on FOX News: Hillary should threaten an independent run. I admire what she's doing, I would rather have Hillary, someone who we know will listen as opposed to Barack Obama. Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary have seen what the party has turn into, it's run by George Soros and they're not happy with it and neither should anyone be.
8:01 p.m. - Sean Hannity: These results are devastating for Obama, only 1/3 of Hillary voters will vote for him. A majority associate him with Rev. Wright, less than half think he's honest. How can you win the general election if you can't win Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania?
8:04 p.m. - Hannity: Michelle Obama's comments about just now being proud of her country, Barack's comments about bitter voters clinging to guns and religion, I think that's playing a big role now. Do you think that plays a role [asking pro-Clinton guest]?
8:05 p.m. - Alan Colmes: Maria, he's trying to drag you over to trash Obama when you're here for Hillary. You have to include MI and FL, because you don't want to win this with people thinking it was manipulation.

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