Tuesday, May 27, 2008

florida teacher has student voted out of class

The actions of one Florida teacher may make you feel sick to your stomach, so read ahead if you dare.
A Port St. Lucie mother says her five-year-old son with special needs was voted out of his classroom by his peers at the behest of the teacher, who has since been reassigned.

Five-year-old Alex Barton will be starting his summer vacation early. His mother doesn't want him to to return to school after what allegedly happened in class at Morningside Elementary Wednesday afternoon.

"I'll never be able to send him to school again without worrying if something is going to happen," says Melissa Barton, Alex's mother.

She admits he's had behavior problems, and can be difficult at times.

She says he's undergoing tests to determine if he suffers from Autism and other disorders.

But, she claims a Wednesday incident pushed the lines of discipline into the realm of abuse.

"(She) took him and stood him in front of his classmates this week, asked every single child to tell Alex why we don't like him... in his words, tell Alex why we hate him," she explains.

After having each child ridicule the boy, she says the teacher continued belittling him.

"Then they had a vote on if he deserved to stay in the class or not," says Barton.

Like a twisted reality show, Barton says in a 14-2 vote, his classmates voted the five-year-old out of the classroom.

This is absolutely disgusting. I simply can't believe that anyone would do this to a child, let alone someone that chose a profession in which they are supposed to help children learn and grow.


Big Tex said...

My guess is that the kids actually meant to vote the teacher out of the classroom, but they got confused by the butterfly ballot. I think we should ask for a recount.

But seriously, what is it with Florida? Is there something in the drinking water down there that turns people into malicious idiots?

Anonymous said...

As a Florida girl born and raised, I'm going to assume you were kidding. ;P I don't mind a friendly just so long as you realize not all Floridians are such pricks. =)

Well, I wrote up a comment on one of the artical versions, but...;P It's here on this blog, since it's really quite long and I couldn't possibly spam this area.

I hope to read more NorthTexasLiberal posts in the future. =) I sincerely thank you all.


Ben_darkpikachu02 said...

I have Tourette’s Syndrome, and when I hear about stories like this, I feel like wringing some necks and anybody who takes up for the teacher in this one is a million times more mental than the child with the disability. The teacher and the principal both need to be fired. The principal needs to be fired for allowing this type of stuff to go on. I was in regular classes throughout my K-12 school career and had graduated high school with a regular diploma just like the normal kids. I had volunteered to return to my high school as a coach of the Special Olympics high school basketball team after graduation. I am now an A+ certified PC technician running my own on call repair service through facebook. Man, I can’t stand these types of people.