Friday, May 30, 2008

boyd richie endorses barack obama

Despite the fact that Sen. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and 227 out of 251 counties with primaries back on March 4 here in Texas, Chairman Boyd Richie of the Texas Democratic Party and his wife Betty, both superdelegates, have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.
"I believe Sen. Obama is the candidate who can best provide the leadership and change Texans desire," Richie said in a statement. "Too many Texas families find themselves unable to make ends meet, much less save and invest in the future, due to Republican policies that burden the middle class and divide Americans. Sen. Obama has the skill and ability to unite Americans from all walks of life and put our country back on the right track."
It's interesting to note that Richie thinks Texans "desire" the candidate that lost the Texas primary. [You might want to check out "Some Questions for Boyd Richie" over at Brains and Eggs.

Another tidbit: Richie's opponent for the state chairmanship at next month's convention has been threatened that she'll lose her superdelegate status if she continues her campaign. An Obama supporter, Texas Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Roy LaVerne Brooks is considering jumping ship to Team Clinton if the antics in the state party continue.

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