Monday, May 05, 2008

true blue

Can you imagine waking up this November to a map of Texas that looked like this?

Well, neither can we, but we're certainly making progress in that direction.

With Sen. John Cornyn polling under 50% now, polling site Rasmussen Reports has added our junior senator to their "potentially vulnerable" category.

Any incumbent who polls below 50% is considered potentially vulnerable. That is especially true when a little known challenger is so competitive in an early general election match-up. The race for President in Texas is also fairly competitive early in Election 2008.

Noreiga leads among voters earning less than $40,000 a year. Cornyn leads among those with higher incomes. Cornyn leads among Evangelical Christian voters and other Protestants. Noreiga leads among those with a different faith background. Both candidates do well within their own party and are fairly evenly matched among unaffiliated voters.

According to Rasmussen, President Bush is polling with mere 45% approval ratings in Texas. And as reported earlier, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both very competitive in general election polls against Sen. John McCain.

Some have predicted that Texas was cycling blue... but could 2008 be our year?


Big Tex said...

I think that win or lose, this election will be a turning point for Texas Dems. We're certainly being helped by a bunch of unpopular Republicans, but the demographic trends in this state are a big factor too - a growing Hispanic population, and a new generation of voters who are much more Democrat-friendly and politically motivated.

We have a good chance of knocking off Cornyn, and a decent chance of Obama takng the state's electoral votes as well. Even if we don't, we'll force the Repubs to dump a lot of money into a state that used to be a lock for them. We might also be able to retake the Texas House in this cycle. And if Governor Goodhair is the Repub nominee in 2010, we could pick up the governor's office as well, just in time for redistricting. Yes, things are looking up for us Dems here in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray.... Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate.

Stephen C. Webster said...

You just got tagged by Raw Story: Look out for the traffic!

slothrop said...

Well put! It is also important to remember that most of the major cities seem to be leaning Democrat. I was amazed (and proud) of the number of voters that turned out for the primary election. I was also pleased at the passion on display. One does not see that for the GOP candidates these days. "Four more years" is coming to a close and most Bush stickers have come off the car bumpers (though I do live in Austin; but I do travel the state a bit). Obama certainly is not Jesus but he will certainly do: at least he is very well educated. I catch myself wondering, however, what I will do if I am no longer in the political minority. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Dallas for 35 years before moving to New York City and now San Francisco. Mt heart will always be in Texas but I sure would love it if the state wouldn't vote like a legion of Republican zombies.

Blue Texas? I like it!

Patrick Alcatraz said...

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Anonymous said...

Salutations All;

We are going to need every vote we can. There is a group of people that think that they have lost their right to vote because they are former felons, but here is what they don’t know Texas is a progressive state. In an attempt to be progressive , the state of Texas allow former felons to register and vote as long as they have paid their debt to society by serving their time, not being on parole or probation. We need to inform people of this fact. We are going to need every vote we can get. So, spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. Let get them reregistered. The republicans are scaring me. There is some question about whether Sarah Palin is against contraception. Some members of the group she belongs to, feminist for life, are anti contraception.

Anonymous said...


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