Thursday, May 08, 2008

the secret life of becky miller

The Secret Life of Becky Miller is the story of an ordinary soccer mom that fantasizes she's a pirate and a superhero.

Stay tuned for the upcoming sequel based on a true story: The Secret Life of Becky Miller 2: The College Years. The synopsis -- an ordinary Texas mayor fantasizes that she attended Western Kentucky University.

Update: The Miller-Branson showdown, a.k.a. Carrollton's municipal election, is this Saturday. The Dallas Morning News failed to make an endorsement in this race, but they did issue a stern editorial, saying "Carrollton needs a straight shooter" and encouraging Carrollton officials to push Miller out should she win Saturday's contest.

Why does the news media hate Pinky?

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Anonymous said...

Cuz Pinky's stories are stinky.