Tuesday, May 20, 2008

dnc launches "mccainpedia"

While Hillary and Barack battle it out until the end, the Democratic Party is ready to take on John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee for president. The DNC has already launched ads against the Arizona senator, and even has an online resource center for those interested in defeating McCain in November.

Their latest move against him speaks to the fact that we're in a new political age: the Internet era. We've all seen and used Wikipedia, and online encyclopedia chronicling just about every single thing in the world. The Democrats now have a wiki of their own, McCainpedia.

The Democratic Party continues to lead the way in using the Internet to change politics. In the past, research by candidates and political parties was hidden from the public and couldn't be accessed by voters trying to figure out how they should vote, by activists looking to influence the election, or by bloggers trying to find good research to help write their blogs. With this resource, which will be constantly updated with additional material through the election, we are embracing the idea that opening up our resources is the best way to engage voters and elect a Democrat to the White House. ...

John McCain has been anything but transparent during the course of his campaign. From tax returns that he refuses to disclose to his failure to fully explain how he's going to pay for his massive tax cuts for corporations, he's attempting to avoid very basic levels of scrutiny. Because his goal is to hide facts about his policies and his record, we've made those available to everybody so that the American people can see for themselves that John McCain is offering a third Bush term.

McCainpedia will be an awesome resource for progressive bloggers, as well as anyone that wants to see a Democratic victory in November. So let's get started and do some research on John McSame!

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