Sunday, May 18, 2008

Political Parties Focus on November

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, we learned that this last Saturday the Republicans began their GOTV campaign for the general election.

The GOP held a "Walk to Win" event in various counties statewide.
Here's the plan: volunteers will drive to assigned neighborhoods, knock on the doors of of people who voted Republican in 2004 or 2006, wait for said door to open, and ask, "so...are you still a Republican?"
Oh, how I would like to be a fly on the wall for those conversations.

The Texas Victory website reminds us why this effort is important.
Democrats took control of all countywide offices in Dallas County in 2006, even though the democratic vote did not increase from 2002. The sad truth is if we would have had a comprehensive plan to get out our vote out in 2006, we would have won. If it can happen in Dallas County, it can happen anywhere.
Here's hoping.

It's worth noting that Dallas County started its Democratic tsunami in 2004 by electing Don Adams to Criminal District Court No. 2, its first countywide Democratic judge since 1992.

This year in Denton County, Karen Guerra is running for the 16th District Court, the first judicial candidate to run as a Democrat in over 20 years.

Pundits maintain that winning a countywide election is still an uphill climb here. But in a year that seems destined to turn conventional wisdom on its head, Ms. Guerra's qualifications and integrity make her uniquely qualified to carry the Democratic banner in Denton County, and yes, even make a little history.

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